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What We Can Do For Your Hearing

At Audiology & Hearing Services in Lansing, MI, we specialize in diagnostic testing, hearing aid evaluations, and also hearing aid selections. When you choose our dedicated team for your hearing care, you will find a complete line of digital hearing aids for any lifestyle and budget, including trusted rechargeable instruments. We also service, repair, and sell almost every make of hearing aid on the market.

Providing Custom Audiology & Hearing Services:

Can You Determine If I Have Hearing Loss?

To determine the type and degree of any patient’s hearing loss, we perform diagnostic hearing tests. An accurate and timely hearing test is crucial to improving your hearing. An in-depth assessment will help us come up with the right treatment plan to get your hearing at its best, so your quality of life can be as well.

Do I Have An Auditory Processing Disorder?

If you have any itch of concern that you or your child may have an auditory processing disorder, set up an appointment for your evaluation. We can perform an auditory processing evaluation to determine if there are any processing deficits that interfere with your hearing.

Can I Customize My Hearing Aid?

We provide hearing aid selection and custom fitting for patients! After the hearing assessment, we discuss your lifestyle, hearing needs, and financial needs to determine the perfect hearing aid for you. We will program and customize the hearing aid to maximize your hearing and you will learn how to fit them to your ears and take care of them. We schedule follow up appointments for tuning and making sure you are benefiting the best possible way.

What If I Need More Than A Hearing Aid?

If your hearing needs require more than just a hearing aid or the hearing aid isn’t the best option for you, we have a wide array of devices available. From devices for watching television, speaking on the phone, to listening to music, Personal FM Systems, as well as sound alert devices, the options are endless. We will work with you through the entire process to determine what can most benefit your hearing needs.

Am I On My Own After I Get My Hearing Aid?

We are with you every step of the way in your journey to improved hearing. We encourage in-office visits for regular hearing aid check-ups and cleanings. We also offer warranties with all brands of hearing aids and provide repairs, maintenance, and cleanings. We ensure optimum performance and benefit from all hearing aid products.

Do You Have Hearing Options For People Who Are Around Loud Noises?

We do offer custom hearing protection for people who work or play in loud environments or around loud music. Industrial hearing protection can be essential for those who must be able to hear during loud noises throughout the day. We provide custom earmolds for musicians, hunters, swimmers, and more. These can be used for listening to music, bluetooth on phones, and in-the-ear monitor molds.

What Do Hearing Aids Come With?

At Audiology and Hearing Services, we offer only the highest quality hearing care, including essential hearing aid accessories and services. We don’t just send you on your way and close your chapter with us, we are here for every question or concern. All of our hearing aids come with:

All of our hearing aids come with:

  • 3-year warranty
  • 3-year supply of batteries
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation for older children & adults
  • Wireless/Bluetooth technology to connect with phones, computers, televisions
  • Evaluation & selection of hearing instruments to fit your needs
  • Hearing aid fitting with conventional and advanced digital instruments
  • Advice/Counseling on use and maintenance of hearing aids
  • Live speech mapping to ensure maximum hearing aid benefit
  • On-site hearing and repairs
  • Custom hearing products for an additional cost (earplugs, swim molds, hearing protection)
  • Assistive listening devices for an additional cost (FM technology, alarm clocks, doorbells, TV & phone amplifiers)

What Insurance Companies Do We Participate With?

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Medicare, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI
BlueCross BlueShield, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI
Medicare Advantage, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI
Medicare plus Blue, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI
Blue Care Network, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI
Blue Care Network Advantage, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI
McLaren, Audiology & Hearing Services, Lansing, MI

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