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Think you may have hearing loss? Audiology & Hearing Services is here to help. Start your
journey toward better hearing by taking our quick and easy free online hearing test.*

Hearing Loss Testing

An online hearing test measures how well you can hear different sounds and is used to
determine if you may have hearing loss in as little as five minutes. After reviewing your
demographic information, the online hearing test asks you questions about how you perceive
your hearing in different environments and conditions.

Next is the hearing check portion of the exam. Headphones are required and we recommend
completing the test in a quiet location. A variety of tones are played through the headphones
while you answer queries about each sound. The test is then repeated in your other ear.

The results of your free hearing test are separated out by ear and indicate where your hearing ability falls on a spectrum from significant loss to good hearing. This information can be used by your audiologist to order a comprehensive set of hearing tests. Once your exact type, degree and configuration of hearing loss has been determined, a treatment plan can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are the most widely prescribed treatment plan for hearing loss, and for good
reason. Compared to individuals who choose to live with untreated hearing loss, those who
treat their loss with hearing aids report better:

  • Overall health
  • Professional success
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Self confidence

What do I do with my online hearing test results?

An online hearing test can indicate if you may have hearing loss through a series of self-reported questions. The results should be used to prompt you to visit an audiology office, where a diagnostic hearing evaluation will be performed. These tests are used to determine your specific type and degree of hearing loss.Your audiologist then uses the results to create a customized hearing treatment plan.

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*With any self-administered hearing test, inconsistencies in response will affect test reliability. Always consult a licensed audiologist to receive a complete diagnostic hearing assessment.

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